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Who are the enemies of the cross?

Q : There is a verse in the Bible that mentioned “the cross and its enemies”. But Jesus prayed for his enemies on the cross, so who exactly can be the enemies of the cross?

A : There are enemies of the cross, because there are people who are enemies of the gospel and the cross. Jesus did pray for His enemies while He was dying on the cross. The two convicts who were nailed beside Him, one prayed for His forgiveness and was saved, but the other remained His ‘enemy’. All sinners who refused the gospel will be enemies of God.

Jesus referred to the enemies of the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 13:25,28. PHilippians 3:18 mentioned the enemies of the cross of Christ. These are the people in the church community who know the gospel but are not saved. They are the false brothers(luke 2:4)whose minds are on ‘earthly things’ and who do evils. Paul warned the brothers and sisters in the Philippi against these ‘brothers’.

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