Stephen Chan

The Late Home-coming Prodigal Son – Foreword

A translation from ‘遊子遲遲歸’ – The Late Home-coming Prodigal Son
by Rev. Stephen C. T. Chan     fall 1999

I wrote this book to manifest God’s gracious blessings on me. It is a testimony, not a novel. My purpose is to recount the events from my childhood to my dedication to full-time ministry. My childhood’s misfortune, my rebellious youth, and all my sufferings are the result of my stubbornness. These events illustrated the fact that I did not come from a noble origin, nor was I well trained in a Christian home. I was ‘a stick saved from the burning fire’, burnt and almost unusable; but God has mold me and changed me into a vessel that could be used by Him. My whole life is a demonstration of God’s work and plan. My life journey so far could not be the result of my attempted strife for success, but it was designed by the almighty God through His loving kindness and care. May God be glorified!

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